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product description

Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co., Ltd. puts forward an integrated solution for tire factory through technology integration. It fills the blank in terms of logistics among each process, like mixer, extrusion line, calendaring line, cutting line, bead ling, comprehensive line, tire building machine, curing line and storage system. And it effectively links up all internal processes in the factory. It takes advantage of robot technology, intelligent storage technology, automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) and equipment to realize the integration of plant management and logistics. Meanwhile, it reduces the investment in human resources and achieves the overall control, and the unification of the automation and informatization.

product description

Through the competitive bidding, Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co., Ltd. (short for TST) has become the first general contractor of Airbus’s aircraft transport jigs project outside Europe. Over the past few years, TST had provided precise aircraft transport jigs (A320 & A350 series) for Airbus.

Up to now, the logistics transportation of A320 parts between Hamburg and Tianjin has continuously lasted for many years.And Airbus Hamburg has grown into the logistics center of aircraft assembly line for A320 series products outside Europe.In the future, TST will maintain the excellent business relationship with Airbus.

product description

Intersmart Robot Systems Co., Ltd, as high-tech enterprise, was founded by doctor team who studied in USA, with total investment of 0.45 billion. The company, integrated with the advanced mechanical machinery, automation control, optical & acoustic technology and communication, is devoted to the development and application in terms of flexible machining system and automation technology, as well as

This system has been assessed as National High-technology Industrial Demonstration Project by National Development and Reform Commission, and gained several national and provincial technology innovation fund, as well as been awarded 2005 Shanghai International Industrial Fair – Innovation Award and ISO9001 quality system certificate. Since founded, Intersmart Robot Systems Co., Ltd has set up long-term cooperation relationship with ABB, TsinghuaUniversity, Beihang University, Nankai University and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and provided excellent technical service in terms of aerospace, automobile production and mechanical machining etc., as well as provided international advanced machining system for the filed like surface polishing, casting machining, welding, painting, rubber coating, assembling and transportation etc.

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product description

Guangzhou Jing Yuan Mechano-Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd was founded in 2000 and restructured to be a joint limited company in 2004. There are more than 180 people in the company. Half of them are engineering and technical personnel, coming from large multinational manufacturers with rich experience of factory automation design. Innovation is the source power of the continuous enterprise development, integrity is the foundation of the enterprise and the enterprise mission lies in creating values for clients. Sticking to such a firm belief and purpose, the company specializes in providing production/inspection/automatic logistic equipments for such industries as auto industry, electronics industry, home appliances industry and storage industry.

The main products

AGV logistics system, automobile manufacturing equipment, automobile exhibition equipment.

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